Winegardner Family

The Winegardner Family not only excels with their genetics in the show ring, but as leaders and supporters of the cattle industry.  

Winegardner Show Catle, is a family owned and operated business that started from the ground up in 1982.  Over the years they have expanded from not only raising Chi influenced cattle, but Maine, Shorthorns, and a few other breeds as well.    

Whether it is judging a national show, hosting the 2012 National Maine-Anjou and Chi Junior Heifer Show, or simply working hard together as a family in the barn, the Winegardner family epitomizes the core values of the livestock industry.

We hired Kurtis Klingaman full time last June. Had our annual Harvest of Excellence sale the first Saturday in November. We exhibited the National Champion Chianina bull at the NAILE and the National Champion Chiangus heifer at the NAILE. 

Held an online embryo sale in March with Premier Online Sales. We have been busy at the jackpot shows with the heifers and steers that we sold in the fall and have had much success in the show ring with many claiming top 5 honors. We have been busy calving and selling semen on our promotional bulls. We sold bulls and a heifer at the NWSS Chi and Maine sales and sold bulls in the Ohio Beef Expo Maine Sale. We have several heifers that we sold entered for the Summer Junior Nationals in the various breeds. 

TYLER AND NATALIE had a baby boy named Beckett Allen on 4/5. Tyler is a partner in Winegardner Show Cattle, LLC. Natalie is an elementary school teacher. 

ASHLIE is an RN and works at Blanchard Valley Health System full time in the emergency department.

HANNAH is a junior at Bluffton University majoring in Early Childhood Education. She will be student teaching 1st grade in the Fall Semester. She also works part time at the Learning Tree Daycare. She is on the National Junior Shorthorn Board of Directors. She is getting ready to show at her last junior nationals this summer in the Shorthorn and Maine-Anjou breeds. 

MELANIE is an RN at Lima Memorial Health System and works full time in the Family Birth Center and manages the books for Winegardner Show Cattle, LLC.

BRAD is a partner in Winegardner Show Cattle, LLC and also grain farms with his brother. 

“My competiveness wraps up all of the values I have come to appreciate growing up in the cattle industry. It is my motivation to work hard. Working hard taught me responsibility. Responsibility taught me to have respect for others who work in the industry and my family and Christian values have gotten me through the rough spots that life brings.  My life verse is taken from Philippians 4:13. It says “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”  This is the scripture I live my life by and the reason I can do the things I have accomplished. Jesus gives me the strength to achieve my goals. Without Him, I am nothing. With this verse, along with the values my parents have given me and the opportunities that showing cattle has afforded me I have no other option than to succeed in life.”