Steve Gabel

You can tell a lot about a person  by what they have accomplished, how they are respected, and how they give back.  Steve Gabel of Eaton, Colorado has dedicated his entire life to not only the livestock industry, but the people that make it up.  From opening a well reputed feedyard and serving on multiple agriculture based boards and associations; to coaching a highly successful judging team and raising a family deeply rooted in agriculture, Steve is the epitome of a person who has jumped at the vast opportunities the livestock industry presents and making the most of them.  Leading others to follow in his footsteps along the way.       

Steve is a man of many talents.  From the time he was young, he has always strived for excellence.  A “perfectionist” some say.  Whether it was being a jockey at the county fair horse races (“Busch Track”) or playing football and wrestling in High School, he never settled for anything less than his best.  In fact, after graduating High School, he was the youngest referee to ever ref the State Wrestling Tournament.     

In 1994, Steve acquired Magnum Feedyard in Wiggins, Colorado.  Over the past 23 years, the feedlot has grown from approximately 5,500 to 22,500 head of cattle.  Steve has used the feedlot to provide others passionate about livestock with a platform of their own to start off on – hiring multiple interns over the years.  Steve’s positive impact on others reaches far past just Magnum.

For the past 19 years, Steve has coached the Weld County 4-H Livestock Judging team.  Through his guidance and ability to help youth sharpen their livestock evaluating and reasoning skills, the team has been a dominating force – consistently landing at the top of the state’s multiple judging contests.  Members of Steve’s teams have gone on to be successful at the collegiate level; having many named All American. Individuals that Steve trained have grown up to be collegiate coaches and leaders in numerous facets of the livestock industry. 

It is no surprise that Steve and his wife, Audrey’s, children, Christie and Case, have followed in his footsteps.  Having found success through their 4-H years in both livestock judging and cattle showing (Case exhibited the Grand Champion Steer at the Colorado State Fair in 2001.  Christie exhibited the Grand Champion Steer at the Colorado State Fair in 2003 and the Reserve Champion in 2004), both Gabel children have grown up to live active roles in agriculture.    

When asked how he would describe Steve Gabel, his close friend Roger Tuell said, “Tell it like it is.”  Steve has built a reputation of being level headed and not wasting a lot of words.  As a member of the Colorado Livestock Association, he would always be the liaison on controversial things as he had a way to sort things out.           

Whether it was raising a family, running a successful business, or serving as a member, President or Chairmen of numerous boards and associations, Steve has accomplished plenty, is respected by many and given back much.  His life has truly added a value to agriculture. •