Randy Daniel

Fall 2010

Randy Daniel Manages the family ranch, Partisover pronounced “Party’s Over” Ranch in Colbert, Georgia. Randy, along with his wife Beth and father Dan, handle the day to day management. Randy & Beth have two children, Buck and Whitney. 

Partisover is a registered Angus and SIm Angus seedstock operation that now includes a partnership in Oklahoma with Travis, Beth, and Brett Pembrook.

Randy’s Judging experience includes 39 states, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. He has judged Junior Nationals for twelve breeds along with nearly every major show in the country. Steer Shows Randy has judged include: Houston, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Randy enjoys open shows, but prefers junior shows because of the interaction with the junior exhibitors. He feels that a positive attitude, a pat on the back, or a “good Job” just might be what it takes to motivate a young person to strive for bigger and better things. 

The following observations are through the eyes of a father, Dan Daniel.

His love of livestock was seen very early in life (4 years of age). The desire to “work” with livestock came later. When Randy was about 6 years old, his dad gave him a steer to take care of. At this age, he was very interested in roping – instead of haltering the steer. It was more fun to rope him; therefore; not much work got done. One day he went out to the lot and there was no steer. To his dismay, his dad had sent him to market because he was not getting enough attention. From that day forward the “real” Randy came though. “He was competitive and conservative.” This conservation part cam tot life when his dad bought him a heifer in the production sale. When asked if he had enough money to pay for her the search was on. After checking under the mattress in the corners of all the drawers, and behind all the pictures, he came up with enough money!

Randy was competitive even when his sisters were involved. He went with the truck driver to his first state show a half day ahead of his sister. When asked, “How about washing and blowing out Dannette’s steer when you get there?” The answer was, “I don’t want to wash him!” This competitive nature bothered his mom some. She said, “Randy, it is also important to be a good loser.” His remark was, “If you want to win bad enough there is no such thing as a good loser.”

The Daniel Family has always lived in the county where the kids could do their own work. Randy placed 4th in his first “big time” competition at the 1st National Angus Jr. Showmanship contest.

Randy’s dad was the head of the Extension Animal Science department and was very much involved in the performance testing which included weighing and grading many calves. Randy spent his summers and calving seasons with his dad grading calves and discussing every calf when he was “off” over 2 numbers within a grade. 

While in college Randy coached the county 4-H livestock judging team and took them to the American Royal where they placed 2nd

Randy placed from 1st-10th in every contest while on the Georgia livestock judging team. His dad never tampered with his college judging but gave him one bit of advice, “Place them on the big things.” (Information as of 2010)