Phil Lautner

Phil Lautner and his powerful Lautner Farms bulls continue to set the standard by which all other bulls in club calf circles are measured. For the past 31 years he has sold semen on the most popular bulls in the business, and each year continues to raise the bar with his new genetics. From his first bull (a Chi-cross named Jackpot) to bulls like Heat Wave, Who Made Who, Ali and many many more - Lautner bull are household names amongst all club calf enthusiasts. In recent years, Phil has greatly expanded the Lautner bull battery to focus on offering the total package for club calf breeder's looking to buy semen.

The thing that makes Phil the proudest is seeing his client's success by using his genetics. Wether it be the pride that a junior showman gets from winning with a calf sired by Phil's bull, or the extra money that his clients get from high sellers by Lautner bulls... this is what motivates Phil to keep offering the best bulls year after year and has set the foundation for what the club calf industry is today!