Pembrook Cattle Company

Positioned at the edge of the Gloss Mountains, in Northwest Oklahoma, near the town of Fairview is Pembrook Cattle Company, Owned and operated by Travis and Beth Pembrook. The Pembrook’s carry on the same tradition of raising quality Cattle on the same land that Travis’s family originally homesteaded.

Travis and Beth’s story doesn’t start here though. The couple both grew up in the registered seed stock industry., Travis with registered Angus in Oklahoma and Beth with registered Limousin cattle near Lexington Kentucky. Both grew up as active members of their breed associations and showed cattle and also helped promote their families’ operations at events all across the United States.

It didn’t take long for both Travis and Beth to develop a deep passion to continue their careers in an industry that had given them so much. Still not knowing each other at the time, the two started helping some of the larger purebred seed stock operations across the country, mostly working on show cattle and helping exhibit cattle at State Fair’s and all the big national shows.

In 1995 the Pembrook’s finally met when Travis went to Lexington Kentucky to help with some Limousin show cattle at an operation managed by Beth’s father. At that time Beth was in charge of the show and sale cattle there. As you can imagine the rest was history from there.

Fast forward to 1996, and Travis and Beth were married and had serious aspirations of building their own program. The couple both knew in order to do this they needed a place to settle and land for cattle. After visiting with family, they learned that the same family land that Travis grew up on in Oklahoma could also be available to them. Together they both decided to make the move from Kentucky to Oklahoma and it was also a unanimous decision between the two that their main objective would be to raise and market Registered Angus cattle.

Once back in Oklahoma, the couple took over helping manage the Angus cattle that had already been put in place years ago by parents and Grandparents along with adding fresh genetics purchased mainly from bigger Angus herds throughout Montana. In addition to raising Angus cattle, the couple also decided to use the talents they had gained over the years working on show cattle to start a custom fitting service that would get cattle ready for shows and sales for other operations across the country. Within two years the custom fitting business had gotten bigger than the two could have ever imagined. There were times when the two had more than 80 head that had been sent in from all across the U.S and Canada. The cattle that came in were to be shown at State Fairs and all the big shows like the American Royal, North American, and National Western. Many of the cattle that came in were also slated to be sold at the Winter beef expos as well. While exhibiting at these shows the Pembrook’s say they were extremely blessed to have multiple national champions in several different breeds as well as work for and learn from some of the greatest minds in the cattle business. The Pembrook’s also add that many of the people that they were working for were teaching them valuable lessons in marketing and breeding cattle as well. Along with family, Travis and Beth feel like they have to mention a few of the people that contributed to much of their success, people like Dan May, Bill Couch, Jim Williams, Donnie Robertson and Kirk Stierwalt just to name a few. The Pembrook’s both say that they have gained valuable knowledge over the years from people like this, that were always willing to spend a little extra time and share the skill sets that they had developed. People like this they say has contributed greatly to the overall success of Pembrook Cattle Company.

While the custom fitting was in full swing, Travis and Beth were also increasing their Angus cowherd numbers along with starting to have sales of their own as well. Their breeding cattle operation had started to grow and was starting to over shadow the custom fitting business. The Pembrook’s were starting to market a lot of cattle and the cattle were going out and winning at numerous shows around the country. Travis and Beth contribute much of this success not only to the cattle but even more so to being blessed by getting the cattle they raise and market into the hands of wonderful people. People they say, Instill the same values of hard work, family and most importantly God in their children just like they grew up with and try to instill in their two boys as well. This is what led to one of their current ad slogans of, Putting Good Cattle into the Hands of Great People. Both Travis and Beth contribute any success they have had over the years to the people that have been placed in their lives.

As Pembrook Cattle Company has grown the importance of partnerships and COOPs has been key in helping sustain that growth. Many of these have been formed with customers and involve using the genetics they have purchased from PCC and successfully shown and promoted over their years. This has not only been a good fit for helping customers generate income but has also helped the Pembrook operation meet their needs of needing more cattle to fill their market. One key partnership the Pembrook’s mention that has been great for their program is their partnership with Scott and Shanna Standridge in Arkansas. The Standrige’s started out like many, purchasing cattle from Pembrook Cattle for their three children and as the years went by the Standridge’s had a pasture full of previous champions whose genetics needed to be used and taken advantage of. The Standridge’s now provide many of the Red Angus, Simmental, and Angus that are offered in various PCC sales throughout the year.

Today, Travis and Beth along with the two most important additions to ever come along at PCC, Bret age 10 and Bryson 4, have four sales a year. A production sale on October 20, the Holiday Lights Sale in December, a bull sale the end of March, along with selling cattle in the Texas Limited Edition sale also the end of March. Together the family also hosts three small group cattle camps at PCC during the summer months that help train youth and their parents in the basic skills of show cattle selection, preparation, nutrition, and showmanship.

Both Travis and Beth have a strong passion for working with the youth of the livestock industry and passing down the skills that have been given to them. The pair also feel blessed to be raising sons Bret and Bryson in a setting that teaches so many real-life skills on a daily basis. In working with Ag Youth on a daily basis the Pembrooks can’t help but be excited and optimistic to see the changes and progress that the future generations bring to our industry. The couple believe we are in good hands.

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