Nick Reimann

We knew right from the start that Nick was a people person. Nick was always genuine, you could tell as soon as you met him that he had a lot of raising.  From the start he was a natural seller.  People liked Nick and they wanted to buy from him.   He had that little extra that most people don’t have, you either have it or you don’t and Nick was one of the few that did.  I’ve never seen someone that so many people thought he was their very best friend.  I’ve talked to Kent Reimann several times through all of this.  There are two stories that exemplify how Nick thought.  Kent called a family meeting last winter and wanted to talk to Nick and Barry about how many cows they had, which was a lot, and Nick said, “Is that all.” Nick was a big thinker.  His dad asked him once, “Nick why don’t you slow down and just enjoy life a little more.”  He said, “Dad I want people to know Reimann Ranch from coast to coast.”  Old buddy Nick you got it accomplished.  There was more people at that funeral that had showed National Champion cattle than any funeral I have ever been to or heard of. All the great ones were there for you. When I made big decisions the only one I really ever asked about it was Nick, and I think he did the same with me.  I always knew what was right in my mind but I always felt better knowing that Nick thought what I was doing was the right thing.  That would be on a personal or business decision.  I’m going to miss your calls Nick. We made a lot of trips to South Dakota and stopping at Nicks was one of the highpoints. We all wanted to see what Nick had in the pasture.  Our crew has a lot of people that felt Nick was one of the “great ones.”  He was a buddy to all of us.  You never met someone that didn’t like Nick; he was just that kind of a guy. Nick damn sure knew what a good one was supposed to look like.  He either bought the good ones, whether it was a cow, a steer, a heifer, or a bull, or he made someone pay for them.  The club calf business is going to miss him personally, but they are going to miss him in a business sense too.  Nick was a big part of our sale, he loved Irish Whiskey, he believed in them, and he hammered away at a lot of them.  I don’t really think it was your time Nick, but sometimes life deals you a bad hand.   We feel so bad for your wife and little ones and the whole Reimann family.  You died with some great men that day, all doing what you loved. For whoever is reading this when you go to get in that car with a person that’s been drinking or get in a plane when the weather is bad, listen to that little guy on your shoulder and think of Nick.  Nick was never afraid to stand alone, for some reason that night he didn’t.  They all got on that plane together.  I talked to him on Saturday when he landed and told him how glad I was he was safe on the ground because of the weather.  Sunday I said, “I sure feel better about you flying today” and he told me the weather still wasn’t very good.   I wish I could tell Nick not to get on that plane that night, I think he would have listened to me.  I’ve kicked my butt a thousand times I didn’t, I never felt good about it all weekend. If we all lived up to our potential like you did Nick it would be a pretty awesome industry.  I’m damn proud of all you accomplished. It’s amazing for 33 years what you did. I’m just glad I got to be a little part of it.  There is a quote that reads, “Talent is cheaper than table salt.  What separates the talented individual from the successful ones is a lot of hard work.”  You had the talent and you worked hard.  Keep raising the great one’s Nick!  There won’t ever be a long, skinny-necked Whiskey that walks through our sale ring that we won’t think of you! Our deepest condolences go out to the Reimann, Beitelspacher and Rau families. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.  

- John Griswold

It was a privilege to know Nick.  Two of the best steers we ever owned came from him.  This last fall was not only Lisa’s, but our family’s last market steer show at Louisville.  We had fun talking about the possibility of a “big win.”  Nick came through with one of the best steers we ever owned; however, right before it was time to start clipping him and head east, the steer lost his teeth.  No one was more disappointed than Nick.  He immediately lifted our spirits by offering us a partnership on an Irish Whiskey heifer.  We will forever miss the future that that partnership could have had.  We enjoyed working with him, and he always put forth a special effort to see Jim.  His love for his family and the cattle industry was obvious.  His passion was contagious.  He was kind.  We will miss his camaraderie and most of all his smile.  The Reimann family will always hold a special place in our hearts.

- Reid Family

I've never really stopped to think about it, but 15 years ago when Nick and I first crossed paths, who would have thought we'd be where we are today? It was just the beginning at the GCC showbarn when we were on the washrack instead of in the clipping room, the days before smartphones where we weren't on the phone all day, it was the place where we had no worry in the world besides trying to figure out how to turn our passion into a living. We both watched, analyzed, learned and experienced hands on from some of the greatest in the industry. As lucky as we were to have all these people who took us under their wing, I was just as lucky to meet and have Nick by my side through it all. Throughout all the miles spent driving, all the cattle bought and sold, all the hours on the phone, all the early mornings thinking about what to accomplish next, there is not one single moment Nick and I didn't share. The determination to make cattle his living didn't end there. He grew into one of the greatest himself. His family, friends, colleagues and the youth of today all looked up to Nick. He strived to make his life better day in and day out and had the love and support for everyone he knew to improve right there along with him.Nick's memory will continue to live within pieces of all of us. Although it is unimaginable he was taken from this life way too soon, I feel comfort in knowing I am left with his guidance in my heart, his voice in my head, and his laughter in my ears. Nick was always there to make someone's bad day better. I hope we all continue on with his legend of striving to be the best spouse, parent, son, friend, cattleman and idol. He will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.

- Luke Dorris

There are way too many stories to tell about Nick that I don’t know where to even begin. He was the type of guy that could make you laugh no matter what mood you were in. He loved Kyrstin and his kids more than anything, and would call and tell stories about them often. He had the utmost respect for his parents and grandparents. He looked to his brother for advice and had a bond with him that few would understand. Nick left a mark on the cattle industry in his short life that was huge. As another friend said, he was one of the few that actually lived up to his potential. As we remember him, I hope that we will strive to be better ourselves and be more like he was. Until we meet again my fine friend “Here’s to the girl in the little red shoes.”

-Jason Krick

Everyone who has ever been acquainted with Nick, they know he was a man of integrity, loyalty and passion. Passion not only for the cattle industry, but the people involved in it. The vision he had was remarkable, and he was a person that left an everlasting impression. Our family was blessed to be apart of his life and acquire his drive for success, and love of the business. We know in times of darkness and sadness light can only be shined through trusting the Lord and his plan, and that Nick was here for a purpose. Our hearts go out to his family and close friends. The cattle industry lost an outstanding individual and we can only hope to remember Nick, and continue to strive to fulfill what Nick set forth to accomplish.

- Schnoor Family

My husband, Garrett Hartwell, and I have known Nick Reimann for many many years.  I grew up showing cattle with him and Garrett met him while he was going to school in Oklahoma.  We attended Nick’s funeral along with so many last weekend.  There were some great stories told about Nick.  There was a story told about how he and Kyrstin actually met.  How someone told Kyrstin to call Nick because if anyone could cheer her up, and make her happy, it would be Nick.  Well he did obviously, and we all know how it turned out.  Into a very happy marriage.  Well I was telling my daughter Ashlinn, who is 7 about Nick.  I was telling her some great stories about Nick and his family.  There was one that particularly stuck out to me.  Nick, Luke Doris and Kyrstin were at our house one spring looking at calves and it had just rained quite a bit.  We were all standing outside including Ashlinn who then was about 2.  Well, Nick being who Nick is, starting encouraging Ashlinn to jump in the mud puddles and play in them.  She started and Nick in typical Nick fashion just started egging her on more and more.  Needless to say I was not pleased, but Nick, Luke and Garrett were laughing their asses off.  Nick always found a way to make fun out of any situation!!!  After I told her that story she started asking questions about why Nick had to die?  I told her that sometimes Ashlinn we just don’t understand why God needs certain people in heaven, but someday we will know.  She looked right at me and said Mom; I bet I know why Nick had to go to heaven.  To cheer somebody up that was sad up in heaven!  I found that pretty remarkable that she could say something so simple, yet so true.  I along with so many people have been struggling with why Nick had to go at such a young age, but Ashlinn put a lot into perspective for me that night.  I shared this story with Kyrstin and she really appreciated it.  

- Kari Hartwell

I don't know if anyone can fully put in words the impact that Nick had on all our lives. I don't know if I've ever known anyone with a more positive outlook than him. No matter what, everything was always going to be ok. I always think about the one day he came in the barn and said "Choate, how we gittin’ along?" My reply was "Nick, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed!" He immediately burst in to laughter, while I myself didn't understand why that was so funny. After that he would always ask me "you overwhelmed today?" and always chuckle. I began to realize that the reason he found it so humorous was that "overwhelmed" was not in his vocabulary. Everything he took on he took on the whole way, and nothing was too big for him to accomplish. Nick loved the cattle business and the people in it, and especially loved helping each and every kid that showed interest. At the end of the day though you knew where his biggest love was, and that was at home with his wife and two children, which made me respect the most. So with that I say rest in peace Nick Reimann, you will always be missed, always be loved, and certainly never forgotten! 

- John Choate

Nick Reimann was an amazing man and a wonderful person; I was so fortunate to call him a great friend. Nick and I go back to the early 90s when we were competitors showing steers and heifers. It never mattered how we did or who beat whom, at the end of the day we were all together with a group of friends laughing and having fun. That friendship and camaraderie continued through the years. He always had a smile on his face and was the first to lend a helping hand to anyone who needed it. He truly was a great one. When I was in South Dakota for that tough week, it was obvious how many lives he touched with the outpouring of support shown throughout the industry. There is a long road of mourning and sadness ahead for his family and friends, but we will cherish the memories and times we enjoyed together and find peace in that. I will never forget Nick Reimann and the friendship we shared, I will miss you buddy!

- Kyla Copeland

I was truly privileged to call Nick my friend although he was taken to soon I am grateful to have spent the fun times we did together. I've met a lot of people in the short time I've been in the cattle business, but I've never met any as happy to live life as Nick.  No matter how bad a day or whatever troubles have come my way, I always relied on him to make me laugh or realize things were always gonna work out. No matter if you knew him for 5 minutes or 5 years he had a charm about him like no one I've ever met. He was a true legend in the cattle business, and I am truly blessed to have called him my friend.  

- Wade Rodgers