Mike Hartman

May 2012

Mike Hartman was born and raised in the purebred business and active in 4-H and FFA as a youngster. He has spent his entire life breeding, promoting and marketing livestock. Mike has experience with all breeds.  He, along with his dad and brother, were involved in the Charolais, Angus and Salers breeds for years and he has been involved with the Maine-Anjou breed since the breed’s early importation into North America. Recently, Harman has been making a mark in the Simmental breed.  Mike owns and operates Hartman Cattle Company in Tecumseh, Nebraska. The Hartman’s have enjoyed a tremendous run in the beef business throughout the years. The least visible, but most important part of Hartman’s business, is the production and marketing of commercial and purebred bulls.  Mike feels an important issue to remember is that we must be aware that we’re all in this (the beef industry) together — seedstock producers, cow-calf man, feedlot operator, packer, restaurateur, everybody. “If we don’t all continue to improve the quality and consistency of our end product, consumer demand declines and we’re all dead in the water,” claims Mike.