Kirk Stierwalt

Summer 2010

Just mention the name Stierwalt to anyone involved in the show cattle industry, and they would know who you were talking about. From show clinics, success, and his many endorsements with popular brands such as Purina Show Chow, eZall, Andis, and Weaver Leather Livestock, Kirk Stierwalt is very influential in taking the show industry to a whole new level. While many know Kirk for what he does now, very few know the man behind the clippers. 

Kirk grew up in the town of Chariton, IA where his mom and dad, Mary and Burns Stierwalt owned and operated a shoe store that Mary sill runs today. Throughout high school, Kirk worked at the shoe store while also heling his grandpa, Homer Stout, out on the farm. His grandpa was instrumental in getting him started on the road to success within the show ring. He clipped his first calf when he was six years old, not realizing what the future had in store.

As a cattle fitter, educator, and judge, Kirk has many years of experience in the show cattle industry. He has won numerous awards at some of the most prestigious national and international shows. Kirk actively participates in 4-H and FFA programs and conducts clinics, seminars and demonstrations for young people and cattle families. Kirk and his wife, Juli, began doing clinics at their home in Leedey, OK in 1987.

The first major steer show Kirk clipped the grand champion steer for was the National Western Stock Show in Denver 1981. He rode the train out there to clip the steer. From that first champion, success has become a habit for Kirk and his family, including his two children Ky and Kyra. He has clipped and sold cattle that won major shows in the United States and Canada.

While his success and accomplishments are impressive, it is Kirk Stierwalt’s character that has made him a clear choice for the Hall of Fame. He is always willing to help and give support, has a true love for the industry which is evident though his auctions, and never forgers a face or name.