Kendall Bremer

Bremer Show Cattle got its official start in 2003, after Kendall Graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor’s  Degree in Agricultural Business.  Even though Bremer Show Cattle took off in 2003,  Kendall’s  start in the show cattle world began at birth.   His family has been raising elite Maine-Anjou seed-stock since the 70’s.  He got his first taste of “Major” success in 1992, showing K & A Chelsea,  a black Maine-Anjou female with white legs,  to the Grand Champion spot at the North American.  Ever since  his  first  big  taste of success,  he has been hooked on Freedom Hall and the feeling of Victory when showing cattle at the most elite and competitive show in the Country.   Since that start, Bremer Show Cattle has had a hand in over 100 Grand or  Reserve Grands at the 3 Major Shows: i.e.. the  American Royal in Kansas City, the NAILE in Louisville, and the National Western in Denver. 

Right out of college, he started working for K and A,  in addition to  buying and reselling a few other females.  This was to make a little extra money and the business took off from there.  At that time, they were selling around 30 females a year with the majority being Maine-Anjou and Maintainer cattle.    Several years ago Kendall realized  that  if they were going to stay successful,  two major things were going to need to happen :  1)  They would scour the country side for elite females that could be brought home to  satisfy  the clienteles’ demand for success and  2)  diversification  would be  key to growing the program. Everybody  likes  to win,  but not everybody can.  This is true especially if all the cattle sold are showing in the same division.  The Bremer program has now been selling over 100 head a year with over 10 breeds being represented.

 The cow herd has  become diversified as well.  They run 120 cows, with  more than half being recipient cows that are utilized in an extensive  embryo program.    He believes that  sexed and  sexing of  semen is the future of raising elite show cattle.  Currently about half of the matings are for  show steers  and the other half are for seed stock.  The impact  from the  majority of  cattle being  produced for a  the targeted sex will have a huge economic impact on the whole industry.

“My favorite part about this whole business is watching the youth of the country grow up and get ready for the real world showing cattle” Kendall says, “No other activity will teach a youngster life lessons like showing a calf. "   Selling 100 head of show heifers a year is going to slow down in the future as Kendall transitions into the family life.  By the time this article is printed, a wedding will have taken place, and Kendall will have married Jessica Street.  Bremer Show Cattle will gain some long term members, and Kendall can’t wait to watch the children grow up showing livestock. 

Kendall would like to add another 80 cows to the program in  the future and looks to start a bred heifer sale with RJ Cattle Company from South Dakota.  Look for the sale to be in Dunlap, Iowa around the first of December.   He will have at least 2 online sales this fall and one next spring with a few of the show heifers being offered on afirst come basis.

eWhen asked what his favorite win is he couldn’t come up with one.  “There are several big wins and they all hold a special place in my heart. The biggest win is no question Supreme Female in the Junior Show at the North American last fall.  Now we just need to do it with one we raise.”

Kendall attributes his success to the guidance and work ethic of his father.  “Dad is a major part of this and he makes everything go.  It doesn’t matter if we are talking about breeding decisions or jumping in the pickup to go look at one that’s going to cost too  much,  we do it all together.  The business I grew up in was a family business and this will continue be just that.”

He would like to thank all of his many customers that put their faith in him for calf selection and guidance over the years.  “I’m pretty lucky to have had the customer base we do.    No question, I get to work with the best kids and families in the business. Thanks will never be enough for all they do for me.  When you sign up at Bremer Show Cattle you buy more than a calf, you join a family!”