Jason Hoffman


Hoffman Ranch is a family owned and operated cattle ranch located in the 'heart of cow country' in the Nebraska Sandhills. With over 50 years of experience, Hoffman Ranch is a nationally recognized breeding program with proven genetics that build quality cattle for the progressive commercial cowman. Denny Hoffman and his son Jason were successful California cattlemen, but moved their families and the operation to Thedford, Nebraska in 2009 for the abundance of space, natural resources, and business relationships. In the summer of 2013, Hoffman Ranch purchased the fall calving herd in its entirety from Sitz Angus in Montana. Today, Denny and Dixie Hoffman, along with Jason and Kaycee Hoffman, Haxton (4), Kennedy (2), and Hayden (6 mos) manage the ranch. Jason's niece, Shayne Myers, has also been instrumental in starting their Angus show heifer program.  


Hoffman Ranch holds two annual production sales a year, beginning with their annual bull sale the third Friday in February. The sale consists of 200+ Hereford and Angus bulls, while an additional 80+ bulls are sold by private treaty throughout the year. Hoffman Ranch takes a tremendous amount of pride in producing herd bulls that are fault free, low maintenance and highly functional for the commercial cattlemen, as well as seedstock producers. 

The Hoffman breeding program utilizes the best proven genetics in both the Angus and Hereford breeds, but they are also willing to take risks in the right circumstances. The yearling bull, FULL THROTTLE, was used aggressively this past year through embryo transfer and AI, and from the looks of his calves, it was a successful risk to take.  This year, the Hoffman's plan to aggressively use HH ADVANCE 4075, a yearling bull bought in Holden's sale for $240,000. This bull is the real deal - proven genetics, great cow family, coupled with the fact that he is an outlier of an individual. Top producers in the Hereford breed were bidding on him.


The other annual production sale at the Hoffman Ranch is their Angus and Hereford female sale, held at the end of September. Over 200 females are sold every year, including show heifers, replacement heifers, bred heifers, bred cows, and donor cows, with most going through the sale. In 2013 and 2014, Hoffman Ranch broke breed records for the highest selling Hereford females.  Most of the heifers sold in their annual sale make their way to the show ring and have performed with spectacular success. In the past nine years, the Hoffman's have had nine Grand or Reserve Grand Champions at the Hereford Junior Nationals.  Many of these heifers have gone on to raise National Champions as well. Even though they offer several high dollar females, the Hoffman's feel that there are prospects available for any budget.

Hoffman Ranch places a vast amount of importance on the females in their breeding program. Maternal abilities are a big part of selection criteria throughout the program. They breed females that are recognized for their stoutness without losing femininity. 

Hoffman Ranch is actively involved with the National Cattlemens Beef Association, Nebraska Cattlemen, Sandhills Cattle Association, American Hereford Association, and American Angus Association. Denny Hoffman is also a past board member of the AHA.


Looking towards the future, the Hoffman's would like to grow in real estate and cattle, especially with their prime location and connections throughout the industry. Hoffman Ranch is committed to their customers, both commercial and seedstock, to provide the best possible genetics and service. They have also been making strides in staying very involved in the marketing of the cattle that come from their program, which is how HerefordInfluence.com came to be. Hereford Influence is a site where Hereford-sired calves can be listed and found for private sale to cattle feeders. In addition, the site will assist breeders and feeders in locating Certified Hereford Beef (CHB) contacts. This marketing avenue is free of charge and the Hoffman's plan on making it a “go to” place for perspective buyers across the country.