Jansen Family

Amy Cowan -

I have so enjoyed working with the Jensen family and watching Brady, Brooke and Ben grow up through the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA). I remember when each of them entered the show ring for the first time at the Junior National Hereford Expo and now I have had the opportunity to work with them on the leadership level.  As well with Brady leading the NJHA as chairman in 2014, Brooke being elected to the NJHA board last summer and with Ben attending his first Faces of Leadership Conference in Colorado last summer. It is really neat to see the junior members and board members you work so closely with grow into leaders and continue to be leaders after their year’s of service to the NJHA are over. Brady Jensen has done just that as he retired from the board in July and already had his leadership role at K-State in place as he helped coach the successful livestock judging team this fall. I have no doubt this will not be the last leadership success story we will hear from the Brady as he works to complete his master’s degree in genetics. 

One thing that sticks out in my mind when talking about the Jensen family is just that, they are a close knit family.  Their family has accomplished so much by working together as team. The Jensen family takes a great deal of PRIDE in everything they do.  It was so neat last summer to watch Brady step down from the podium after his retiring remarks on the NJHA board and walk out into the audience to hand off his maroon jacket to his little sister and congratulate her on being elected to the board. Already, in Brooke’s short tenure on the NJHA board the Pride she has in the Hereford breed and our junior program is very evident and she takes her job as an NJHA Board member very seriously. Although Brady’s group left big shoes to fill, I am confident Brooke and the newly elected group will do great things throughout their 3-year term. 

Each year, the Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) highlights the Denver sale with the Lot 1 female and the proceeds from this sale support the future of the Hereford breed and our young leaders. I can’t think of a more fitting scenario than to sell a female from the heart of the Jensen family program. From a family that has given so much to the NJHA and the American Hereford Association over the years, it makes this year’s lot extra special and is such a great example of what the foundation stands for. Building leaders is what the NJHA and foundation is all about and Brady, Brooke and Ben Jensen are taking a lifetime involvement in the NJHA and the Hereford breed to define leadership become the best young leaders they can be.

Jack Ward - 

Loyal, enthusiastic, dedicated, competitive, hard working and deep rooted in the livestock industry are all words that describe the Jensen family.  Kevin, Sheila, Brady, Brooke and Ben have a family pedigree that is built by generations of great minds and visionaries for the beef cattle industry, and Kevin and Sheila have been able to keep their family active in all parts of the industry.  It starts at the ranch where this family’s operation is home to one of the strongest set of Hereford cows that are capable of producing a national champion, but more importantly, are focused on economically relevant traits that will make their commercial customers profitable.

From a genetics standpoint, the Jensen family keeps an eye on details and uses all tools available to make breeding decisions including EPD, genomics and type to produce cattle that work for their customers.  They are clear thinkers and keep a balanced approach to their selections.

Kevin and Sheila have both served as judges across the US and internationally and it is exciting to see Brady following in the footsteps as one of the exciting young judges.  This family is dedicated to junior programs and they have certainly been loyal to the Hereford breed.  Brady has served as a past chairman of the National Junior Hereford board of directors and Brooke is currently serving as on the board.  Kevin and Sheila have been huge supporters of the program as they have seen the benefits it has given their children and this year, they along with Dylan and Chelsea Evans will donate the Hereford Youth of America Foundation heifer that will be sold in the Mile High Sale, Denver, to help support Hereford youth and events for years to come.

Kevin and his family are friends and I consider them great assets to the industry.  They collectively have been great spokesmen, mentors and leaders to all parts of agriculture and youth programs.