Horn Family

The Brandon Horn family has a long connection with raising cattle and showing livestock.  Even though Jagger Horn began showing steers in 2010, the tradition goes much farther back than that.  Two of Jagger’s great-grandfathers and both of Jagger’s grandfathers were heavily involved in the raising of cattle and livestock showing.  Now, Jagger, his father and the rest of the family are carrying on the family tradition.

In February of 2015, Jagger and “The General” received the Grand Champion award at San Angelo Livestock Show and Rodeo.  Then, within the next week, Jagger and “White Hammer” won San Antonio Livestock Show.  The excitement continued in January of 2016 when Jagger and his calf “Moses” were selected as the Reserve Grand Champion at the National Western in Denver, Colorado. Most recently, Jagger and “Big Boy” won the Grand Champion honors at the Fort Worth Stock Show.  

Winning is always exciting, but some wins hold a special meaning.  This was the case at the National Western in January.  It had been exactly 30 years since Brandon Horn and his calf “Spot” had won Grand Champion at the National Western.  This year’s win for Jagger brought back some precious and painful memories for the Horn family.  The Denver show win in 1986 for Brandon came less than a year after his father and mentor, Larry, unexpectedly passed away at the Oklahoma Youth Expo.  So the National Western has always had a special place in the Horn family history.  Jagger getting to follow in his father’s footsteps was very special for both he and his father.  

Brandon, Brek, Jagger (14) and Aven (10) continue the family tradition by owning and operating Horn Livestock.  Both Brandon’s, father, Larry Horn and Brek’s father, Bill Binder were agriculture science teachers.  Brek and Brandon raised and showed cattle while growing up.  They even competed against each other before they knew each other.  After they were grown, they met each other at a stock show.  Jagger has a banner in his room that he inherited from his great- grandfather, Lawrence Binder, from the 1940 Fort Worth Fat Stock Show.  Times may have changed but the family has not.  They are still very heavily rooted in agriculture. 

Horn Livestock, just south of Anson, Texas is truly a family business.  Brandon keeps busy with around 250 cows.  Brek does the bookkeeping and financial end of the business when not working at the barn.  The kids work with their cattle daily and are involved in sports and church activities.

Both children have college in their future.  Jagger already owns some cows and wants to continue the family business.  Aven is not as sure with her goals for the future yet.  However, both college degrees will more than likely be agriculture related.  

Even though the work is long and hard, Jagger and Aven both enjoy showing cattle and are looking forward to continuing the family tradition.   


Here are a few pictures that I have from Brandon's win in Denver 1986.  In the last attachment, the guys are Bob May, the late, great Wes Stover (Brandon's ag teacher), Mark Copus, and Colby Horn.  

I thought the second picture, the one where he is walking his steer, might look cool beside the one yall have of Jagger walking his steer.

Also - Heidi Anderson took a ton of pictures of us this year at Denver.  I tried to find them online to purchase and wasn't able to...maybe you can help me on where to go to purchase those.  

I'm still working on the article...it's not very long, but I figure that is better...I included the Ft. Worth win for us...hope that is ok!