Elmore Family

Jennie & I might be some of the most passionate people about this industry. No, we’re not a million-dollar operation nor do we have 1000 head of cows on 10,000 acres but nearly everything we do revolves around show cattle. 

We love this industry & God has blessed us with show cattle as a way to provide for our family, serve others and do it all as a family. When it comes to our girls, My dad once said “are you raising cows or raising kids?” In our lives the cows are helping raise our kids!

My parents invested the time and money for me to be involved in this business & God has blessed me with the ability. I feel it’s an obligation for me to use what’s given to me to serve others.

I’m beyond blessed to have a wife & 2 girls to pursue this passion with.

The back of trailer & business cards have Proverbs 3 :5-6 on it. We strive to live by this.





-Grew up on our family farm in Wiley Co where we raised and showed dominantly Simmental cattle and raised Alfalfa. 

-Parents - Ben & Jo Elmore, brother Elgin 

-Very involved in 4-H, FFA and sports 

-Attended Connors State College and was a member of the National Champion Jr College Livestock Judging Team

-Graduated Oklahoma State in 2001

-Managed a purebred Angus ranch for 6 years 

-Started Elmore Cattle Services in 2006


-Spent most of childhood on family farm in NW Kansas where we had a commercial cattle operation and wheat farm

-We lost my dad in a tragic auto accident involving a late spring snowstorm when I was 10 years old

-My Mom, brother (Justin) and I continued to operate our farm four years after dad passed away before relocating to NW Oklahoma

-Parents - Linda & Russell Miller & the late Rodney Schlepp

-Involved in 4-H, Rodeo & sports 

-Graduated Oklahoma State in 2000

-Taught 5th-6th grade for 6 years before returning to our place to pursue our passion together of raising our girls & starting ECS 


-Married in 2003

-Daughter Pepper 13 years old 

-Daughter Tylee 9 years old

Involvement in Industry / ECS 

-Everything is done as a family with only part time help. Truth is Jennie runs EVERYTHING at home since I’m on the road so much. This year 180 nights away from home.

-Raise, show & sell show heifers & bulls 

-Own & operate a (ECS) a custom fitting & marketing service for purebred cattle. Where we take cattle in to prepare them for shows, sales and promotion 

-Raise cattle for our Fall & Spring Sales 

-Show our own cattle on state & national level 

-Both daughters show

-Judge numerous shows 

-Work as a member of The Cattle Prostaff for Weaver Livestock 

-Conduct approximately 25 show cattle clinics a year for groups all over the country 

-Working for Weaver was never in the plans for ECS but it fits us so PERFECTLY 

Special people or events 

-I could never name just a few people. I was raised in the showbarns and have looked up to countless people and continue to learn from many of them 

-Jennie & the girls have probably shaped me as much as anyone. Jen keeps me focused and positive and the girls keep me driving for more

-Events...Countless shows. Being in the barns is home to me. We know more people at a show than we do in our home town. 

-NWSS, I think I’ve been there every year of my life.

-Winning our 1st National show (being Denver) It almost created an addiction, a drive and a passion to do it again and again 

-Watching our girls succeed in something they also love

Goals & Why

-We’re doing what we love & love what we do. We do it because we love it, we live & breath this business. Our goal is to continue with what we feel God has led us to do, use show cattle to raise our family & serve others. We hope it helps shape and mold our girls for what the future holds for them

Girl and bull
Man and bull