Dave Duello

Jirl Buck:

My first memory of Dave Duello was over 30 years ago. He was judging a prospect steer show, and at that time he was just out of college. In no time, he was judging every major cattle show in the country. Dave has one of the most dominating voices I have ever heard over a microphone and his ability to sort cattle is second to none. He has a way of captivating the audience and describes the cattle in real world terms, in my opinion, he is the best. Over the years I have been fortunate to watch Dave Duello become successful in many different phases of this business. Not many in this industry have made the many tracks he has and have achieved success in all of it. Most people in this business associate the name “Duello” to cattle judge, however, if you ever stop in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming you will see quite a breeding program and an extremely well managed cattle operation. He is the kind of guy that doesn’t expect you to always agree with his opinion, and he will always respect your opinion as well. But, at the end of the day he will do what he wants to do! I am blessed to call Dave Duello my friend, he has a heart of gold and he is a man of his word.

Christy Collins:

"Few people have as much passion for what they do as Dave Duello, not just for the business but for the simple love of livestock."

Dr. Chris Skaggs

I was involved with the livestock judging programs at Kansas State, Iowa State and Texas A&M universities for 26 years and without question, Dave Duello was one of the most talented livestock judges with whom I worked.  His eye for detail and ability to describe animals were unsurpassed and contributed to his success in the reasons room where he was high individual in reasons at both the American Royal and North American International contests, a rare feat.  His success at Louisville resulted in his team garnering national championship honors in 1986.  His passion for the cattle industry is obvious and continues today in his quest to raise high quality, genetically superior, functional cattle.  

Mark Core

Dave and I met the first day we moved into the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity at Iowa State and have been close friends ever since. I remember crossing paths with him in the stairway moving our furniture in and Dave calling me by name. I was shocked at the time that he knew who I was, but it didn’t take long once we started on the judging team to realize he has a God given ability to retain information that is simply hard to comprehend. While watching Dave sort the National Junior Maine show this summer I was reminded that few if any that have ever held a mic can take the command of a show ring like he can. The powerful voice, convincing tone and impeccable accuracy in combination puts him in the legendary category. That being said what I appreciate the most about Dave is his loyalty as friend. Underneath that stoic exterior is a man with a huge heart for those that he cares for… and for that Deb, myself, Bailey and Kennedy are very thankful that he is a big part of our lives.

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