Christy Collins

Spring 2010

Christy Collins is one of the leading cattlewomen in the club calf and composite business, she pioneered modern day livestock photography by being one of the first professional photographers to offer her signature style of photography in the club calf business in the early 1900s, which has since been imitated by many. 

Currently, as the owner of Collins Cattle Services, she continues to serve the industry by being one of the leading sale management firms in the business, and the only one owned and operated solely by a female. Her first sale, the Exposure Sale, stated in 1997, is still regarded as the leading female sale of its kind.

Christy contributes all the success to the talented people and good cattle that she has had the chance to be apart of.

She also serves as a judge of several livestock shows each year and has officiated numerous livestock judging contest throughout the United States. (Information as of 2010)