Charles & Heidi Anderson Legacy Livestock Imaging

Capturing a legacy isn’t something the Andersons simply do; it is the life they create. From the beginning it’s always been about the story, the people, the why.

Charles and Heidi Anderson, founders of Legacy Livestock Imaging, have been photographing livestock shows across the country for over a decade. Every year, the Legacy team photographs 30-40 shows from junior nationals and majors to state fairs and county progress shows. With the help of more than 40 professional photographers who span the nation, Legacy commits to sharing each exhibitor’s unique story and highlight their success. 

Legacy Livestock Imaging was created when a classically trained professional photographer fell in love with a cattleman. A coincidental meeting designed only by the grace of God, Charles and Heidi met at church. What started as a marriage between two people who love each other blossomed into the fusion of two different worlds colliding. Legacy blends Heidi’s creative eye with Charles’ agricultural roots to capture magic. 

Surrounded by the rolling Flint Hills of Kansas and Shorthorn cattle, Charles was shaped by the livestock industry.  As a fourth generation on his family farm, Charles was born and raised on a century farm in Leonardville, Kansas. Growing up, Charles was actively involved in 4-H and FFA exhibiting national champions at Kansas State Fair, the National Western, American Royal and Louisville.  Alongside his parents and brother, Ivan, Charles and Anderson farms raised quality shorthorns that sold nationwide and now raise limousine cattle. Cattle was and still is a family endeavor for Charles. Much like most of yours, Charles’ story is rooted in tradition and legacy. 

Heidi grew up a military kid being the daughter of a Lutheran pastor who also served as a Colonel in the United States Air Force. Growing up on Air Force bases around the country, she was exposed to unique perspectives, grand adventure and a variety of people. Heidi experienced life behind the lens as a kid and fell in love with photography. You could seldom find Heidi without a camera in hand. After 15 years of dancing as a kid, naturally Heidi turned to photographing ballerinas and then portraiture. After meeting Charles, Heidi took her camera ringside to learn what her cattleman’s world was all about. Since 2005, Heidi has been an active participant in the Professional Photographers of America where she has earned a number of national and international awards and had images displayed in many museums including the Smithsonian Museum of Art.

Together Charles and Heidi have five kids: Abby, Morgan, Connor, Parker and Lilly. Each of the kids have their unique interests.  Abby takes after her mom with a passion for the arts and a wicked eye for photography. Lilly is an elegant dancer and the world’s best ear getter at the backdrop. Connor grew up with a passion for agriculture showing cows and pigs. Parker is always on the go playing a slew of instruments, being an Eagle Scout and a high key super genius. Morgan is a dancer, showman and spitfire all rolled into one. Since starting her show career in 2014, Morgan has found great success, most recently winning Grand Champion Purebred Limousin Heifer at the inaugural Cattlemen’s Congress and built a network that will last a lifetime.  

Legacy is a family affair! As Charles and Heidi watched their own kids grow up, they also were watching their thousands of show kids grow and find success both in and out of the ring. Whether success is met with a champion slap or helping hand and consoling hug, Legacy captures moments. While show photos are the main emphasis of Legacy, Heidi still taps into her roots as a portrait photographer. Weddings, seniors and family sessions continue the way Legacy tells stories. Photographing clients isn’t just about taking a picture, it’s about representing the relationships, the heritage and the emotion of the individuals both in and out of the ring. 

The agriculture story encompasses so much more than just what happens in the ring, which is why some of Heidi’s favorite shoots happen on the farm. On farm marketing shoots allows Legacy to tell the visual story of an operation from start to finish. From the barns that have homesteaded operations to the wrinkles of delicate hands tending to a calf, each piece of the puzzle is captured to tell a unique ag story.

Legacy isn’t a photography company; it’s a story telling machine. With each click of the shutter, photographs are intentionally crafted to generate connection, cultivate emotion and capture precious memories. While Charles and Heidi are photographers, they also are some of this industry’s loudest cheerleaders and these exhibitors’ biggest supporters. 

Legacy isn’t something you leave, it’s something you create.