Bobby & Mandi Maddox

How did you get started in the

Livestock Industry?

Mandi – I grew up on a farm and ranch. We raised and showed pigs, I also showed sheep my Jr. and Sr. years of high school. I would say my brother Justin Whitefield was a key part of getting me started in the industry.

Bobby – I grew up on a farm and ranch and showed on a small scale. I would say my major influencer in getting me started in the industry is Dr. Bonham.

How did you meet?

We met through a mutual friend, Charlie Long.

What are some of the most meaningful successes?

Mandi – Defiantly the first time we won the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Steer Show together in 2008 shown by Kaiti Robinson, also in 2008 the Grand Steer at the Houston Stock Show and Rodeo shown by Madison Kelly. A few other special ones would be the 2015 Grand Steer at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo shown by Madilyn Priesmeyer, the 2017 Grand Steer at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo shown by Mikala Grady and the Patriot in 2020 shown by Mason Grady.

Bobby – My first Fort Worth Grand in 1986 with Ed Priesmeyer and the Fort Worth Grand in 2015 with Ed’s daughter, Madilyn Priesmeyer. The whole year of 2017 was special, winning grand or reserve grand at seven major shows with Mikala Grady.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

Both – Our lives have always been ruled by Boston Terriers, currently Charley and Izzy.

Mandi – I showed pigs and sheep growing up, but never worked with show cattle until I met Bobby.

Bobby – I showed sheep growing up and only a couple of steers my Jr. and Sr. years of high school. I also judged livestock in Junior College at Redlands Community College where I roomed with Steve Bonham, Ron Bailey and Mark Copus and was on the livestock judging team with Charlie Long.

What experiences have led you to where you are now?

Mandi – Meeting my husband and changing from a cosmetologist for people to show steers. Also working for Steve Bonham and getting numerous opportunities helping families show cattle all over the country.

Bobby – To make a very long story short, it started with my first job after JuCo, working for Charles and Betty Herzog and Stevie and Kent Herzog. Then working with Buddy Priesmeyer, John Ben Carrabba, Jim Martin, Mark Ray and Steve Bonham. They have all given me experiences that have led me to where I am today.

What people have impacted your life the most?

Mandi – My parents; my brother, Justin Whitefield; Shane Tinnin; my Ag teachers, Gary Ross and Mark Gary; and numerous friends along the way.

Bobby – My parents, Buddy Preismeyer, John Ben Carrabba, Steve Bonham, Ronald Cole, Gary Watts and numerous friends along the way.

What is something you would like to accomplish going forward?

Both – We plan to continue furthering our business,, which we share with Matt Turner and Shane Vanzant; to continue to be successful in the showring at the highest degree and lastly to live a long healthy life with each other.

This is why you do it?

Mandi – It is my passion. There is nothing mor gratifying than the process of helping kids reach their goal in the show ring.

Bobby – I love the people and the competition.