Blackout 8 a Success

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We would like to thank everyone who helped put on Blackout Eight! It was wonderful getting to work with our awesome interns! Thank you Tammy Jo Rice, Brett Bauman, Larry Wilson, Sarah Vickland, Clancy Anderson, Patti Thaden, Kelli Mundhenke, Jordan Johnson, Savannah Messenger, Kyndal Reitzenstein and the entire Reitzenstein family and CSU crew, Virginia Beebe, Fellowship of Christian Cowboys, April Harris, Darla Aegerter, Kane Aegerter and crew, Kellie Folger, Pat Altenburg, TJ Rice, Taryn Quick and everyone who showed, Judged or stopped by! It was such an honor to have Dan Hoge, Mark Hoge and Dave Duello judge our show. We’ve wanted to work with them for a long time and it was so enjoyable to watch them sort the cattle! What a crazy event walking over 50 miles! It wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing sponsors!Just an update, our official Facebook page for The Showtimes was hacked at the beginning of Blackout and we have all been removed as administrators and have been unable to post anything. We are working hard to get this resolved and plan on having a new episode of Show Center later this week. We are currently editing over 2,500 photos and can’t wait to share them with you soon! We hope you all enjoyed Blackout 8! Congrats to all of the winners and scholarship recipients. Be sure to follow us on Instagram this week for full coverage. #YouAreShowtimes

The Showtimes awarded $8,888.88 in scholarships this past weekend at The Blackout Jackpot 8! Kassidy Bremer, Ashlyn Ochsner and T.J. Rice were all awarded $1,000 scholarships. Evan Clark was award an $888.88 scholarship and all 10 of our Blackout Jackpot 8 Interns were awarded $500 scholarships.#YouAreShowtimes #ThisIsWhyWeShow #BlackoutJackpot8