2020 NAILE Guidelines

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North American International Livestock Exposition Approved to Hold 2020 Show

WHAT                  The North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) was approved through the Kentucky Healthy at Work initiative to host a modified show this year. NAILE is the largest all-breed, purebred livestock exposition in the world and runs Nov. 3-19, 2020 at the Kentucky Exposition Center. 

                           NAILE will enact new policies to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

                           Changes include:

●      Attendance will be restricted to participants creating a significant reduction in those on-site.

●      Participants will go through mandatory temperature checks and events will be spread throughout the facility.

●      The 2020 North American Championship Rodeo and the Country Store are canceled and will return next year.

●      2020 School Tours are canceled but will return in 2021.

●      Livestock will be housed across more than 750,000 sq. ft. of space.

●      For the full list of changes as of September 18th, visit our homepage at livestockexpo.org/.           

WHEN                 Nov. 3-19, 2020

WHERE               All areas of the Kentucky Exposition Center

WEBSITE            livestockexpo.org


North American International Livestock Exposition COVID-19 Response Plan

The requirements are accurate as of September 17, 2020 and are subject to change.

Mission Statement

Kentucky Venues shall promote the progress of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and stimulate public interest in the advantages and development of the Commonwealth by providing the Kentucky Exposition Center and the Kentucky International Convention Center for exhibitions, conventions, trade shows, public gatherings, cultural activities and other functions. In managing these two facilities, Kentucky Venues resolves to advance Kentucky’s agriculture and tourism industries and economy while serving the entertainment, cultural and educational interests of the public.


All established guidance in the Kentucky Healthy at Work Venues and Event Spaces, Restaurants, Horse Shows, and Movie Theaters will be followed throughout the entirety of the event. As that guidance continues to change, the content of this action plan will be modified to reflect the most recent updates and changes.

The North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) falls under KRS 147.140(1)(f) as a function of the Kentucky State Fair Board and has taken place in Louisville every year since 1974. This event is scheduled from November 6-20, 2020 at the Kentucky Exposition Center and brings an estimated

1 economic impact of $11.4 million .

The procedures within this document have been developed based on best practices and other approved events that have been hosted by Kentucky Venues at the Kentucky Exposition Center, such as the National Street Rod Association Street Rod Nationals and the Kentucky State Fair. As the event nears, additional strategies and methods will be implemented, as needed, to further ensure all requirements are being followed.

These requirements and recommendations are intended to make certain that organizers and participants are following the most recent guidance from federal, state and other public health officials.

1 This number is provided by Louisville Tourism and is calculated using an industry standard Event Impact Calculator that covers lodging, transportation, food & beverage, retail and recreation spending associated with the event.




  • ❏  Handwashing stations will be located near food vendors.
  • ❏  Hand sanitizing stations will be located near the entrances/exits in all areas that have


  • ❏  The Kentucky Exposition Center cleaning staff will clean and disinfect the event areas

    throughout each day of the event, with increasing frequency of cleaning high-touch


  • ❏  Restrooms occupancy will be limited, and restrooms will be frequently cleaned

    throughout the day.


  • ❏  Everyone entering the facility will be required to submit, at a minimum, a name and phone number to obtain a wristband.
  • ❏  For enhanced compliance with guidelines, each band will have a code to identify the species and farm/family each participant is associated with for immediate tracking.

❏ This is an enhancement to the plan that was utilized for the 2020 Kentucky State Fair.

❏ In the event of a positive COVID-19 test, individuals will be notified they may have come into contact with an individual with COVID-19 and they need to go to their local doctor or health department to get tested.


The Country Store is typically located in the North Wing, and it has approximately 400 vendors from different areas of the livestock industry selling farm tools dedicated to livestock, household items, education materials, show stock equipment, etc.

❏ The Country Store will be canceled.


With the cancellation of the Country Store for 2020, smaller, essential livestock show supply stores will instead be relocated and spread throughout the property.

  • ❏  The number of people will be controlled who enter areas where show supply stores are located. Flow of traffic will be controlled through directional signage.
  • ❏  All suppliers will adhere to the most up-to-date Healthy at Work Retail requirements.
  • ❏  Capacity for these areas will be set at the 36 sq. ft. per person formula established by

    the Healthy at Work Venues and Events Spaces requirements. This calculation exceeds the national standard from events and cleaning associations such as ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) and IAEE (International Association of Exhibitions and Events) that set 28.3 sq. ft. as their standard.


  • ❏  Food vendors will be located in specific lobbies and outdoor areas. These areas will be limited to 3-4 different vendors to limit congestion and allow for them to be spaced accordingly.
  • ❏  Vendors involved in the food industry at the show will be required to adhere to the most up to date Healthy at Work Bars and Restaurants requirements.



❏ All beverages & food will be pre-packaged to meet the appropriate standards set up by the health department per the Healthy at Work Bars and Restaurants requirements.

  • ❏  Tables that are set in the area will consist of 72’ rounds of 4 chairs, a reduction from the traditional 10 chair seating arrangement, with a minimum of 10’ between tables. Seating will be limited.
  • ❏  Vendors will be required to have at least 3 floor decals, spaced 6 feet apart, to designate locations for individuals to stand while in line.
  • ❏  Livestock will be housed throughout approximately 759,593 sq. ft. in areas including: Broadbent Arena, West Wing, West Hall AB, North Wing, East Hall AB and South Wing A and B.
  • ❏  In the event that the field hospital or Battelle end their occupancy prior to NAILE, livestock will also be distributed throughout the Pavilion and South Wing C, adding an additional 237,344 sq. ft. to the layout of NAILE.


❏ A majority of the meetings that take place on property during the event will be canceled. Any meeting that occurs on property will be compliant with Healthy at Work guidelines.

❏ Examples of meetings taking place this year will pertain to the Junior College, National Collegiate and 4-H Judging Competition. These will take place in larger spaces than in previous years, including Broadbent Arena, Freedom Hall and East Hall.

  • ❏  In 2019, there were approximately 133 meetings held during the event. These meetings are conducted by various associations or organizations that are on property for participation in the events at NAILE.
  • ❏  Throughout NAILE in 2019, there were approximately 350 participants that competed in the competitions.
  • ❏  The award banquets associated with competitions on-site will be canceled.
  • ❏  Award recognition will be distributed through a virtual experience.
  • ❏  Auctions will be live-streamed from the show to reduce the number of participants.


❏ The 3-day North American Championship Rodeo will be canceled for 2020.
❏ In 2019, the rodeo drew approximately 24,960 attendees over the 3 days.


  • ❏  Face masks/coverings will be required for everyone in attendance.
  • ❏  Adherence to all established Governor Executive Orders will be required to participate.
  • ❏  Participants2 will not be allowed to enter the facility unless they can attest (with a

    written, signed document) that they have not been to a state that has a COVID-19

    2 A participant is any individual involved with the handling of the livestock. This includes individuals showing the animal, fitters, grooms, owners, people involved with the care of the animal, etc.




positivity rate equal to or greater than 15% 14 days prior to the date of their scheduled arrival time.

❏ We will utilize the updated numbers provided by John Hopkins University and Medicine (https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/testing/testing-positivity) . In 2019, there were 5,297 participants at NAILE and 60.58% were from Kentucky and adjacent states. See Appendix A for a breakdown of participation by individual states/countries.

❏ Due to specific species requiring additional support, participants will be required to have a wristband to permit access. The following formula will be followed to determine the number of participants.


Small Animals (including: Sheep, Goat, Swine)

  • ❏  Participants with 1-5 head of livestock will receive 3 wristbands.
  • ❏  Participants with 6-10 head of livestock will receive 4 wristbands.
  • ❏  Participants with 11-15 head of livestock will receive 5 wristbands.
  • ❏  Participants with 16+ head of livestock will receive 6 wristbands.

    Large Animals (including: Beef and Dairy Cattle)

  • ❏  Participants with 1-5 head of livestock will receive 3 wristbands.
  • ❏  Participants with 6-10 head of livestock will receive 5 wristbands.
  • ❏  Participants with 11-15 head of livestock will receive 7 wristbands.
  • ❏  Participants with 16+ head of livestock will receive 8 wristbands.

    To further limit attendance at the event:

  • ❏  The llama, mules/jacks, and draft horses shows will be canceled for 2020.

    ❏ In 2019, there were roughly 470 participants.

  • ❏  Participants entering swine, market goats and wether dam goats will only be

    allowed to enter 8 head of livestock in 2020 instead of 12 head of livestock as in


    To further reduce congestion during the event:

❏ Participant aisles will be increased to 10’ wide at a minimum. ❏ In 2019, some aisles were 6’ wide.

  • ❏  Showtimes will be spaced out to clear up congestion in and around the make-up ring areas.
  • ❏  All shows will be live-streamed on the internet to help reduce the number of individuals attending the shows.
  • ❏  Awards will be placed on a table in the show ring. The participant or participant’s family member is required to pick up the award prior to photos. This process will reduce physical contact between individuals.

❏ To reduce physical contact and for the first time in NAILE’s history, all registration will be required to be completed online.

❏ All school tours will be canceled.

❏ In 2019, there were 1,113 participants in the school tours program.

  • ❏  Additional signage will be placed outside all public areas to designate capacity numbers.
  • ❏  Floor decals will be placed around the property to encourage social distancing.
  • ❏  Barriers will be erected in all areas where event transactions will be required to take place.